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Duke Lemur Center

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Lemur in captivity

I have worked in the field of lemur conservation and captive lemur management for over 40 years, both at the Duke Lemur Center (DLC) and at Parc Ivoloina, Madagascar.

As Curator of the DLC animal colony (2006-2017), I was responsible for animal management and breeding programs for the DLC’s approximately 250 prosimian primates. I coordinated our breeding programs with national and international priorities for conservation breeding, partnering with other universities, accredited institutions and zoos.

As Technical Advisor at Parc Ivoloina, Toamasina, Madagascar (1987-2004), on behalf of the DLC and the Madagascar Fauna & Flora Group, Charlie Welch and I led development of the Zoo & Forestry Station of Ivoloina which became a multi-faceted conservation center with programs of environmental education, captive breeding of lemurs, agroforestry, ecotourism and conservation capacity building. During this period, we also conducted the first-ever reintroduction of captive born lemurs to the wild in Madagascar (Varecia variegata re-stocking program in Betampona Reserve).


“Chevalier de l’Ordre National”, awarded by the President of Madagascar (2004)

“Certificat de Bonne Conduite”, awarded by the President of the Province of Toamasina, Madagascar (2004)

“Certificat de Mérite sur les Activités Environnementales”, awarded by the Director of the Environment, Water and Forests, Toamasina, Madagascar (2004)

Domaines d’expertise/Area of expertise: Ex situ conservation of lemurs

Espèces étudiées / Species: All lemur species that have been held in captivity (approx. 25 species)

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